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If you run, or manage, an eCommerce business, it's time to regain leadership of your online strategy.

Hey, listen: nobody can run your entire eCommerce business as well as you can.

Who better to lead your eCommerce company, than you? Understand how to lead your strategic development effectively when you join eCommerce Mastery, 2017.

Rather than paying web developers to help you beat market competition, you can create a strategy that enables you and your team to take your website to the next level of growth.

YOU can learn to position your ecommerce business to win a constant flow of custom.

YOU can find a way to (legally) spy on other real, ecommerce businesses and put your company ahead of everyone else.

All you need is a proven ecommerce formula.

One simple way to structure your team and input a clear, business strategy that will survive the test of time, (no matter how many times Facebook changes it’s algorithms or online shopping trends do a U-turn...)

Mastery is an online video course that can remove you from a state of ‘analysis paralysis’ and position you and your company with a battle-proof plan for eCommerce growth.


Let's get real for a sec: it's hard to keep up with companies like Amazon and EBay.

Regardless of how many years your eCommerce business has existed, it can seem near-impossible to get your website noticed, alongside industry giants. Shouting louder about how great your business is just won't cut it nowadays.

And listen: web developers are great at writing code. But, they have never actually run an eCommerce business themselves.

Simply put, web development companies are only great at design specific. And there are 11 key areas of ecommerce you need to perfect, if you want to grow your digital presence. Design is just a small part.

Though it is hard to escape the messages that tell you that you are not 'techy' enough, or that you need a web 'expert' to take control, you must regain leadership of your online company. 

The future success of many businesses will be to take control of your online presence - it's the future growth of your business, so you can't leave it to others to direct it!

Find Out How One Health Care Company Learnt to Thrive Online

Chris Ivers is the Head of Marketing at Pharmaco, a health care company situated in Australia and New Zealand. In 2016, Chris was on a mission to implement a manageable, digital strategy for Pharmaco. Yet, she struggled with the overwhelming task of turning a large, successful company into a thriving digital business. Where would she start? How could she begin this all-encompassing task? After completing eCommerce Mastery, Chris gained clarity on how to grow her business, digitally. Watch her fabulous, story below.


Grow your digital sales and deliver WOW to your customers

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Thrive Online

Set your eCommerce strategy in motion and Thrive Online

Ecommerce Mastery is the first online video course of it’s kind that…

Is built with online business owners in mind.

Most digital courses are aimed at marketing experts, graphic designers – people who don’t know what it takes to run an entire ecommerce business! But Mastery is built BY ecommerce business owners, FOR ecommerce business owners – so that you can get the advice you need to case company vision, grow sales and take your individual leadership skills to the next level.

Guarantees no fuss, no stress and no overwhelm.

Hey, we know the pressures you face running an ecommerce site. Mastery online video course has been broken down into simple terms and sections so that you can work at your own pace (and master technical lingo with ease.)

Gives you strategies that work immediately.

Strategy is a crucial element of running an ecommerce business. If you have a clear strategy, your business will experience increased digital sales, highly motivated staff and a wealth of WOWed customers.

Mastery gives you a one-page ecommerce strategy, right at the outset. Your business will instantly have direction to grow and more forward, just by taking this course.

The Course Breakdown

Learn at your own pace. Each module is broken down in to clear sections so you can work through the course at your own pace. Each section will bring about great insight into eCommerce.

  • Discover the principles that we have spent almost 15 years learning, principles that have generated over $50m in sales.
  • Understand the methodology that we have used to ship over 6,000,000 products around the world.
  • Put into practice this proven system on your own website.


Find out why the current eCommerce website methodology is broken and what we should do to fix it.


All eCommerce entrepreneurs struggle to come up with the best strategy for their website. Mastery teaches you how to achieve sustainable growth with a strategy that triggers long term success, for your business.


Your eCommerce website is critical to the success of your business. So, Mastery includes an entire module dedicated to talking about how to build and maintain a successful website. De-coding your graphic designer will be made easy!


“How do I get people to my website?” This question is without a doubt the most common question eCommerce companies ask. How do you do digital marketing in 2017? This module will answer that question and show you how to increase the numbers visiting your website.


Engaging visitors to your eCommerce store is both science and art. Increasing engagement rates is often the quickest way to see a dramatic rise in sales. This module is all about the secrets of engagement.


Ecommerce is more than just putting something online and hoping it sells. In this module, we look at the often misunderstood areas of customer experience, customer service, fulfilment and sales – showing you how the technology behind eCommerce can skyrocket your business to a whole new level.

As a member of ecommerce mastery you will…

  1. Identify what stage of eCommerce growth your business is at.
  2. Set goals for your next stage of growth, using a simple one-page strategy.
  3. Develop new habits and new cycles that will set you and your business up for continuous improvement, year upon year.
  4. Find a way to make your business stand out against industry giants like Amazon and EBay.
  5. Train customers to love you and stay loyal to your online company, no matter what.
  6. Develop a marketing plan that will stand the test of time and overcome new social media rules.
  7. Know what tech you need to make your eCommerce website user-friendly.

This eCommerce Business Discovered How to Manage eCommerce Growth

Phill Turner is an eCommerce Manager at Power Tool Centre (PTC), a Liverpool-based business. Phill joined eCommerce Mastery in 2016, when PTC, was getting lots of attention, but Phill wasn’t sure how to translate that into a thriving online company. eCommerce Mastery gave him the specific step-by-step plan to grow PTC and keep up with rapid expansion. Click the play button below to hear Phill's story.


"Within weeks we were embarking on a complete overhaul of our simple online shop into a fully functional ecommerce system and new website. "

Chris Smith
CEO – Vegetology (US and UK)

"Low traffic, low conversion to sales and all the ways that used to work are just not working anymore! What I liked about ecommerce Mastery was that it was practical and proven. It allowed us to understand the big picture and plan for the future while at the same time giving us simple things we could do quickly that would make a difference. This course is going to make a huge impact on our business and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in the digital future. "

Chris Ivers
Head of Marketing – Pharmaco (New Zealand)

"Ecommerce Mastery for me lifted the curtain on so many technical aspects to see they were easy to operate with minimal skill, often without cost, and allowed me to be much more certain of my business outcomes… it’s a must for business leaders that want to understand what they are buying, what they can do in-house."

Simon O’Shaughnessy
CEO – Carista

About Course Leader & CEO Matt Edmundson

Matt Edmundson is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of various businesses, including Jersey Beauty Company – one of the UK’s best-loved skin, health and beauty websites.

Generating over $50m in sales, not only has Matt developed a sound, ecommerce strategy for over 18 of his own companies, he also consults online business owners one-to-one. He shares proven strategies and ecommerce systems from inside of his own businesses. In fact – everything Matt teaches has been developed, tried and perfected BEFORE it is passed on to clients, to ensure success.


How long will the course take?

Each module is broken down into bite-sized videos that you can watch at your own pace. As the course is online, you can watch content wherever and whenever you find time and space.

Do I have to have a certain kind of business for the strategies in ecommerce Mastery to work?

Any industry can benefit from signing up to ecommerce Mastery course. Our members have all kinds of different businesses from selling vegetarian supplements to books!

Who is this for:

People who run or own an ecommerce website that are looking to grow their impact and sales.

People willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work. Growth driven ecommerce requires you to think about the structure and strategy of your entire business. You need to be willing to accept change and do the work.

People who enjoy having fun and being creative. This course will make you think outside the box, if you are unwilling to do this – the course may not be a good fit for you.

Who is this not for:

People only interested in one area of ecommerce. This has been designed with ecommerce entrepreneurs and business owners in mind, and so covers online business strategy in its entirety.

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"Over the years we’ve started various websites, sold on Amazon and EBay and run a retail shop. During that time we’ve tried to juggle everything and not stopped to look where we are going. It’s been a case of just doing more of the same… So we joined the course because we knew Matt had his own websites and understands how things work in the real world and the sort of difficulties we will come across, because he’s been there and done it. The course itself has been brilliant. It’s covered way more than I thought it would and given us a much better understanding of what we need to be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis! The examples that Matt shows on various sites, especially his own sites, really shows you the points he’s trying to get across and Matt’s honesty about good and bad points of his own site versus his competitors was great. "

Terry McKeown
CEO – Power Tools Centre (UK)


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